Crochet Hair Faux Locs

Uncover The Magic Of Crochet Hair Faux Locs At Our Salon

Wear our artistic Crochet Faux locs and make an unforgettable fashion statement.

Here at our salon in Baltimore, MD, we weave and interlace your hair into Faux locs to African Americans, to everyone; both to men and women. We tend to it with utmost and impressive delicacy and skill with a great finish.

Did you know that Faux locks protect your hair? And that is why it’s particularly called a protective style! Because it makes sure you hair is in good health and clean. Who doesn’t want tangle-free hair? Faux locs will let you say goodbye to Tangles and hair breakage. Fun part is that they could be attractive and at the same time elegant. So why would anyone say no to our crochet faux locs when it’s the best there is?

It’s different and that’s what matters. Not only that, these locs are trending and so very cute! You can wear it anywhere and with any attire you wish. They are a mark of elegance and as such, we seek to ensure we help you sport elegance wherever you go. Our salon caters to your comfort, style and design.

But Just What Are They?

Faux locs are supposed to look like real locs or the mighty dreadlocks. This style is created using yarn, human hair or synthetic braiding hair such as Marley hair or Kanekalon hair. You can choose to begin by braiding the hair before wrapping braiding hair or yarns around the already braided twists or hair. For a faster result, you can choose to cornrowed the hair and then have packs of pre-made locs crocheted and locked into your hair so that they resemble the ordinary crochet braids.

This style is temporary since it is a protective style and the maintenance is obviously different. Faux locs made out of human hair is called goddess locs. Human hair is expensive while synthetic hair is a little less but it is worth it because we provide the best in each type of hair. The health of your hair and your beauty matters to us.

And PS: Texture and appearance depend on the hair/material used.

We care for your locs and that’s why we will provide you tips. We have many styles in our pocket. We can keep it down or put it up! Are you thinking of curls? We can do it. You can scrunch it up too. Or what about a bun? Deep twists, wavy looks, faux locs with highlights, or kinky shoulder length locs? Yes! We are experts!

We also provide locs to men with the same materials and with various styles. Men can lock it up or spike it or pull it to a loose ponytail.

The locs are durable and it does depend on the style that you choose. These locs remain for about two months. Your maintenance and how fast your hair grows also matter. A clean scalp and proper care will keep it shiny and clean.

We can do it all. All you have to do is book an appointment with us and let us take it from there. Our Faux locs will never stop to amaze you, not with the decency of it all and the presentability we can provide. The locs are best when it comes to crochet flaunting locs. Choose us because we can make you feel confident as you rock in a hairstyle of your choice. We can make you ready for any occasion; from going to work or an outing with your friends to red carpet looks. Even Rihanna does it. Megan Good does it. Why not you? Why not come to us? And be the holder of best experience possible?